Tim Woodcock

Tim Woodcock, competitive cyclist, business owner and fundraiser

Tim Woodcock has been a loyal supporter of The Manitoba Lung Association for many years. 2013 was no exception when he donated 100% of the proceeds from Woodcock Cycle Works annual Icebike event to The Manitoba Lung Association. Tim’s donation was a tribute to his father, Michael “One Lung Wonder” Woodcock. After having his lung removed at the yearly age of 30 years old Tim’s father learned to manage his condition and lived to be 83 years old.

Tim is also affected by asthma. He is passionate about educating the cycling community and athletes about the importance of lung health in relation to physical activity.

Fundraising for The Manitoba Lung Association is important to Tim as it ensures that more Manitobans can be educated back to health. Tim is a competitive cyclist who attributes his success in cycling to getting in control of his asthma and not letting asthma control him.

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Page Last Updated: 12/10/2016