Option to Give

Option to Give is a program through which TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange) facilitates the granting of stock options to any participating charity, including The Lung Association.

This program allows companies launching an initial public offering (IPO) to grant stock options to one of the participating charities, including The Lung Association. Option to Give is a great way for companies to give to a cause that matters to them. 

We strongly believe that breathing is one of those causes. Breathing matters.

Whether it is disease or air pollution that takes the air from Canadians’ lungs, we are there to advocate, fund research and educate. Lung disease touches everyone at some point in their lives. In some cases, it is chronic disease; in others it is seasonal cold or flu. The importance of lungs is undeniable. We make sure that Canadians’ voices are heard when it comes to tobacco control in Canada and other key issues affecting their lung health. We make sure the research we fund is best in class and looks at all levels of a disease from prevention to quality of life and health systems reforms. We make sure that all Canadians have accessible resources available to them when learning about their lung health.

Your contribution will help Canadians breathe better by supporting these vital research and advocacy efforts. Thank you.

How to get involved?

Is your business interested in helping us achieve a future where all Canadians can breathe better by supporting vital lung health research?  Please contact Terry Dean, president and CEO, directly to learn more tdean@lung.ca .


Page Last Updated: 02/02/2018