Partnering with Health Professionals

The Canadian Lung Association collaborates with the Canadian Thoracic Society (CTS)  to help strengthen our research capacity and move knowledge into practice so that Canadians can benefit more quickly from the latest research on respiratory diseases. Up until its incorporation as a distinct legal entity in 2015, the CTS served as the medical section of The Lung Association and remains a strong collaborating partner. 

The CTS is Canada’s national specialty society and professional association for respirology bringing together adult and pediatric lung specialists, physicians, research scientists and healthcare professionals. The CTS promotes lung health by advancing knowledge and improving outcomes through leadership, collaboration, research, education and advocacy, and promoting the best respiratory practices in Canada. For more information, visit

CTS provides health professionals with access to training on best practices in chronic lung disease diagnosis, care and management and lends support to local and regional lung health education and professional workshop initiatives. CTS develops and encourage the implementation of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for respiratory care.

The Canadian Lung Association is a collaborating partner in the Canadian Respiratory Conference which is the CTS’ annual scientific meeting.

Jan Neumann, certified respiratory educator

Jan Neumann, CRE, CAE
Vice-president of Professional Education
The Lung Association of Saskatchewan

Jan Neumann is a certified respiratory educator with a double passion: improving the lives of those with lung disease and enhancing the education of health professionals who care for them.

Jan has led the Lung Association's development, and implementation of RESPtrec® (Respiratory Education and Training Courses) for health-care providers nationwide. These professional training courses, including AsthmaTrec, COPDTrec and SpiroTrec, are now the gold standard in Canada and have given health-care providers the ability to provide the best patient education and care. 

Jan has received many awards in respiratory excellence including the A. Les McDonald Award for Innovation and Excellence in Respiratory Care and Education by the Canadian Network for Respiratory Care and the Canadian Respiratory Health Professionals Distinction Award.

Now vice president of professional education, Jan has been working with the Lung Association of Saskatchewan for more than 25 years. She has been a mentor to many health care professionals and was the first-ever recipient of the Canadian Respiratory Health Professionals Distinction Award.

“Jan has been a mentor not only to me, but to numerous other colleagues and students in Saskatchewan and across Canada,” says Jaimie Peters, a health promotion coordinator and certified respiratory educator at the Lung Association of Saskatchewan.

 “Jan first became a mentor to me when I began my nursing career as a student with the Lung Association of Saskatchewan,” says Jill Hubick, a health promotion coordinator and certified respiratory educator. “She continues to be a mentor to me, a leader within our own office and around the country. What sets Jan apart is her ability to translate knowledge and educate others to provide safe and effective respiratory care.” 

Jan is also committed to helping children with asthma to lead full and active lives. Jan was also the director of the Wilf-Chamberlain ACT Asthma Camp in Saskatchewan for 19 years. “The camp required extensive organizing, planning and training of health-care professionals as medical staff and university students as camp counsellors to oversee the care of the 50 to 6- young enthusiastic 7-13 year olds for week,” says Karen Davis, a colleague at the University of Saskatchewan who has known Jan as for more than 25 years.


Kelly Ablog-Morrant

Kelly Ablog-Morrant
Director, Health Education & Program Services
British Columbia Lung Association


As trained nurse, originally from the Philippines, Kelly Ablog-Morrant has overseen patient and professional education programs for the BC Lung Association for more than 30 years.  She manages the Association’s annual calendar of public lung health education forums, maintains the Association’s province-wide patient support group network, and ensures that provincial lung health community members have access to training on best practices in chronic lung disease diagnosis, care and management. 

Kelly is also a dedicated patient advocate, sitting on range of medical advisory committees aimed at improving patient access to much-needed medication, pulmonary rehabilitation and support. 

In September 2012, Kelly was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for her three-decade-long commitment to promoting lung health in BC communities.

“It is a wonderful feeling to know the work you do is appreciated,” said Kelly. “The BC Lung Association has been my home and the focus of my life for almost 40 years, and I feel very lucky indeed.”

photo: Kelly receives the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal from Scott McDonald, CEO of the British Columbia Lung Association.


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