Research Competitions

How We Fund Research

The Canadian Lung Association supports research through grants, fellowships and studentships. We also partner with leading health-care companies and organizations to leverage research awards and fellowships. In addition, several of our provincial associations also offer research awards. We support a variety of research projects – from discoveries in the lab to clinical research to studies in lung disease prevention, better treatments and ways to improve quality of life for people with lung disease.

Grant and fellowship applications are subject to a strict national review process designed to ensure that only the best research receives funding.

National Respiratory Research Strategy

The Canadian Lung Association, the Canadian Thoracic Society, and the Canadian Respiratory Health Professionals are collaborating on the implementation of the National Respiratory Research Strategy (NRRS), which is an exciting and ambitious plan to strengthen lung research in Canada, and to make a real difference in the lives of those affected by lung disease.

Breathing As One: The Campaign for Lung Research

To increase funding for lung health research, The Canadian Lung Association is launching a five-year fundraising campaign to raise $10 million. Find out more about this exciting initiative and how you can get involved by visiting the Breathing As One campaign site.

Page Last Updated: 12/10/2016