Second Hand Smoke

Second hand smoke can cause cancer and heart disease, as well as worsen existing lung and heart conditions. Each year, second hand smoke causes thousands of deaths across Canada.

Children who breathe in second hand smoke may suffer from more colds, ear infections and breathing problems than children who live in smoke-free homes. Second hand smoke is also known to affect the severity of asthma symptoms.

If someone in your household smokes, make sure they smoke outside every time until they are able to quit. This will greatly reduce the amount of smoke that everyone in the home is exposed to.

Since smoke in a closed-in space such as a family car greatly increases the concentration of the harmful chemicals, keep your vehicles free of smoke as well.


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Did You Know

Many new pieces of furniture (such as particleboard or fibreboard) as well as freshly dry cleaned clothes may release odours into the air adding to indoor air pollution. It's called off-gassing.

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Page Last Updated: 18/06/2018