Car or Other Idling Equipment

The garage is typically where all engine equipment is kept, including gardening equipment and snow clearing machines. With so many engines present in the garage, it is important to ensure they are used effectively to prevent harming lung health.


  • Never run motorcycles, lawnmowers, and snow blowers in your garage, even if your garage door is open. Bring the engine outside of the garage and close the garage door before turning on the engine to limit emissions from getting back into the house.
  • If you have a door in your garage that leads into the house, keep it closed at all times and never prop it open as emissions can enter the house. Also, be sure that the door is sealed properly and that there are no cracks where gases and fumes can get into the house.
  • Check for any cracks or holes in the garage wall or ceiling that may bring air and other potentially harmful chemicals from the garage into the house. If you have a central vacuum system, be sure the exhaust is sealed properly.
  • If possible, do not install the furnace or water heater in the garage since high levels of pollutants can build up.

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Page Last Updated: 19/06/2018