Pests in the Garage

The best way to manage pests in the garage is to prevent them from entering in the first place.


  • Make sure there are no entry points for pests into the garage.
  • Keep the garage closed when you are not present.
  • Remove or seal sources of food (e.g. organic waste bin) and water (e.g. leaky faucet/hose).
  • Reduce clutter so there are no good places for pests to build a home.
  • If pests have found their way in, have them removed. Use low-toxicity pest control products.

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Did You Know

Many new pieces of furniture (such as particleboard or fibreboard) as well as freshly dry-cleaned clothes may release odours into the air adding to indoor air pollution. It's called off-gassing.

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Page Last Updated: 19/06/2018