Large items such as bicycles, tools, and sporting equipment are often stored here. Other items such as pesticides and other harmful chemicals may also be stored here.


  • If smaller items are stored here, use plastic bins and containers instead of cardboard boxes to prevent items and boxes from becoming destroyed in case of a flood or mould growth. Plastic bins will also be easier to clean in case of flooding or due to airborne particles.
  • To reduce odours, sprinkle the bottom of storage plastic bins or inside camping equipment with baking soda.
  • If chemicals such as pesticides, paint thinners, and other cleaning products are stored in the garage, be sure they are labeled and sealed properly to prevent any odours from escaping into the garage and potentially the home. Try not to leave large quantities of chemicals sitting in the garage for a long period of time and dispose of them safely in a hazardous waste disposal site.

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Did You Know

Things outside your home can cause poor indoor quality. Water leaking from eavestroughs and downspouts can get into your basement causing mould to grow.

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Page Last Updated: 19/06/2018