Gas Appliances

Do you have a gas stove top or oven? These can release dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide and particles into the air, putting your health at risk. Since many pollutants are invisible and have no scent, you may not be able to detect them. 

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Types of Mould

Do you see mould (black, white, or other coloured spots) on the ceiling, walls, windows, grouting, or underneath the sink? Damp areas including the kitchen provide the right environment for mould to grow.

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Do you regularly smell unpleasant or lingering odours in the kitchen? Most odours in the kitchen are caused by cooking and garbage. In addition to being unpleasant, these odours can attract rodents and insects.

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Household Pests

Do you have a problem with insects such as cockroaches or rodents? Pests love the kitchen as moisture, food, and garbage all attract these little visitors. 

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Household Cleaners

Do you use or store potentially hazardous household products (e.g. general cleaners, air fresheners, furniture polishes and pesticides) in the kitchen? Many of these contain toxic chemicals hazardous to your health.

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Page Last Updated: 07/08/2018