Types of Mould

Types of Mould

Moisture can easily build up in the kitchen from cooking, baking, dish washing and plumbing leaks. Look for moisture problems and fix them as soon as possible.

Signs of moisture proble​ms:

  • Condensation found on inside windows.
  • Rotting window sills
  • Damp cupboards
  • Peeling paint or wallpaper
  • Mould spots growing around kitchen walls or underneath the sink


  • Keep all surfaces (counters, window sills, cupboards, and underneath the sink) clean and dry.
  • Use a vented exhaust fan over the stove and open a window when cooking.
  • Don't let liquids and food simmer uncovered for too long—it's an easy way for moisture to accumulate.
  • Remove visible mould with a solution of unscented dish detergent or baking soda and water.
  • Use a non-toxic cleaning alternative: one part vinegar to one part water. Check with sensitive family members for their tolerance to vinegar odours (some experience irritation/discomfort due to the smell).

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Page Last Updated: 18/06/2018