Master Bedroom

Dust Mites

Have you taken steps to reduce dust in your bedroom? Carpets, drapes and bedding can all collect dust and dust mites, triggering allergies and breathing problems in many people.

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Closet Storage

Is your closet filled with various items? A crowded closet can be a source of dust, mould and odours, and is harder to clean.

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Carbon Monoxide Detector

Do you have at least one carbon monoxide detector installed in your home? This colourless, odourless gas is produced when fuel is burned. It can seriously affect your family's health, or cause loss of consciousness and even death.

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Do you store and put on perfume in your bedroom? Many people have sensitivities to perfumes and other scented products. As a result, some public areas such as hospitals and office buildings are becoming "scent-free".

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Soft Furniture

Do you have soft furniture such as an armchair or sofa in your bedroom? Soft or stuffed furniture can collect dust mites, pet dander, mould, and odours over a long period of time.

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Air Quality Quiz

See what you can do to make your home safer and healthier. Click here for our Air Quality Quiz.

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Page Last Updated: 18/06/2018