Closet Storage

A master bedroom closet often contains clothes, linens, and bedding, along with other various items. With so much filling the closet, it is important to keep it well organized and cleaned regularly (monthly if possible).


  • Clean out your closet occasionally to reduce clutter.
  • Vacuum and dust closet regularly.
  • Do not put mothballs or air fresheners in a closet, especially since it is a closed environment where irritants may build up to high levels.
  • Do not place clothes that have been recently dry-cleaned immediately inside a closet. Remove clothes from the dry-cleaning bags and let them air out, ideally away from the living areas of the home for a few days, such as in a clean, dry garage. Many dry cleaners use harsh chemicals when washing clothing so it is important to let these chemicals evaporate as much as possible before wearing dry-cleaned clothes.

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Did You Know

Shoes aren't good for your home. Outdoor footwear tracks in dust and contaminants that contribute to poor indoor air quality.

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Page Last Updated: 18/06/2018