Soft Furniture

Soft furniture can attract dust, dust mites and pet allergens. Leather or vinyl-covered furniture will trap less particles. Wood furniture, although not as comfortable, will attract even less dust.


  • Vacuum soft furniture regularly. Have any slipcovers cleaned regularly.
  • Furniture made of veneers and particleboard or fibreboard give off chemicals (called off-gassing). The amount of off-gassing tends to decrease over time. Ventilate your home regularly, especially with new furniture.
  • Consider purchasing furniture made of solid wood or upholstered in leather or vinyl, since they are less likely to harbour dust mites.
  • Any mouldy furniture should be removed and the moisture problem fixed.

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Did You Know

Many people mistake carbon monoxide poisoning for the flu? Early symptoms include headaches, nausea and fatigue. Install carbon monoxide detectors to help keep your home safe.

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Page Last Updated: 18/06/2018