Barbeques and Fire Pits

Barbequing and sitting around the backyard fire pit are common Canadian summertime activities. It is important to use them properly to prevent any health issues from exposure to pollutants.


  • Monitor your air quality and weather forecast to determine wind conditions and any air alerts that may be occurring when you're planning on using a barbeque or fire pit. Try not to do any outdoor burning on a hazy or smog day, when the air quality reading is poor, or when there is no wind as it will keep wood smoke particles close to the ground where people can inhale them. Also, do not light a fire pit during windy conditions as this can cause sparks to fly around and cause the fire to get out of control.
  • Make sure your barbeque or fire pit is not located too close to the home as any drifting smoke can easily get indoors through windows or doors.
  • For a barbeque on a deck, try to place the barbeque on the farthest side of the deck away from the home.
  • For a fire pit, check your local municipality's bylaws before putting one in your backyard as there may be rules outlining a minimum distance the fire pit needs to be placed from any structure. This includes trees, power lines, or sheds.

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Page Last Updated: 19/06/2018