Cracks and Holes

It is natural for a home's outer walls, doors or windows to have cracks and holes develop over time. However, you should have any repairs done as soon as you can to prevent anything from entering your home and causing air quality problems.


  • Cracks in the outer walls allow moisture to get into your home, potentially causing mould to grow or even leading to a flood. Seal up any cracks properly once they are found. If you notice cracks re-appearing or growing larger after repair, have a qualified professional look at the foundation of the home.
  • Foundation cracks can also lead to radon entering your home and accumulating to potentially high levels that can cause lung cancer over a long period of time. Seal up any cracks found indoors which will help prevent radon from entering the home.
  • If you notice broken screens or holes around your doors and windows, get them repaired as soon as you can to prevent pests and rodents from getting in. If this happens, use non-toxic pest control measures. If you have rodents, stuff steel wool into the cracks until you can repair them or place traps where they enter the home. For ants, sprinkle cayenne pepper at their point of entry. Use pesticide-free glue traps to catch crawling insects.

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Did You Know

Shoes aren't good for your home. Outdoor footwear tracks in dust and contaminants that contribute to poor indoor air quality.

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Page Last Updated: 19/06/2018