Inhub inhaler

How to use the Inhub inhaler

Watch a video to learn how to use an Inhub inhaler.

  1. Remove the inhaler from the foil pouch, discarding the packaging.
  2. Write the ‘pouch opened’ and ‘use by’ dates on the label of the inhaler. The use by date is 30 days from the date you opened the pouch for your first dose.
  3. Hold the inhaler vertically to open it.
  4. Lower the mouthpiece from top to bottom using the thumb grip. The inhaler is now open.
  5. Push the yellow lever down to the end of the purple arrows. You may hear a click. The lever stays in this position until the dose has been taken and the inhaler has been closed.
  6. Breathe out fully away from the inhaler.
  7. Hold the inhaler vertically and seal your lips around the mouthpiece.
  8. Breathe in quickly and deeply ensuring you do not cover the air vents with your fingers. Do not breathe in through your nose.
  9. Remove the inhaler from your mouth and your breath for 5 to 10 seconds or as long as you feel comfortable.
  10. Breathe out fully.
  11. Push the mouthpiece cover up to the closed position. This will automatically return the yellow lever to the start position. The dose counter will count down by one dose as you close the mouthpiece cover.
  12. Rinse your mouth with water.
  13. Repeat the same steps if you need another dose.
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Page Last Updated: 26/04/2021