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How Can You Reduce Your Risk of Catching Hantavirus?
The first step in reducing your risk of Hantavirus infection is to prevent rodents from getting into the places you live, work and play. Your home, cottage, campsite and workplace are all good examples of places to prevent rodents from coming in. Here’s what you can do:

  • Seal holes, cracks and gaps in your home and garage
  • Place traps in and around your home
  • Remove easy food sources for rodents — pet foods, garbage

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers detailed information for preventing Hantavirus infection in all kinds of situations and explains in detail how to clean up areas where you have found rodents or their droppings.
Carefully clean up rodent nests or places where rodents have lived:

  • If possible, open doors and windows before you start cleaning.
  • Always wear rubber gloves, a HEPA filter mask, protective goggles, and clothing and footwear that can be disinfected (rubber boots and coveralls).
  • Disinfect mousetraps, dead rodents, floors and surroundings with household bleach and water mixed to a ratio of 1:10. (e.g. 250 ml. bleach to 2.5 litres of water).
  • Don't sweep or vacuum droppings because this can cause dust, which can then be breathed in.


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Page Last Updated: 20/11/2014