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The DOT program helps people take their TB medicine

DOT stands for Directly Observed Treatment. It’s a program that can help you take your TB medicine regularly and get cured more quickly. If you are part of a DOT program, you will meet with a nurse or other health-care provider every day or a few times a week. They will watch you to take your medicine, look out for side effects and answer your questions. 

Smoking tobacco and TB

Smoking tobacco puts you at a higher risk for TB. If you have TB and smoke, it can have dangerous side effects including: 

  • Makes it much harder for your body to get rid of TB.
  • It can make your TB last longer as smoking causes TB mediation to be less effective. 

You can quit smoking, there are many programs out there to help you quit. Learn more about how you can quit smoking 

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Page Last Updated: 20/10/2014