Ashley Toonen – Quebec, QC

I started smoking when I was 13 and have been smoking a pack a day ever since (7 years). I started this week off with cutting down to 1-3 cigarettes a day, and have not smoked for 2 days now. 

I know I will never smoke again. I'm not using any type of help (patch, gum, pills) so it is difficult, but I think I might stop by the dep for some gum at least since I'm having a really hard time concentrating on my studies (First year university student). I am eating a lot more, and am quite irritable. In my field of study, I learn about the lungs, the effect of smoking on the body and it has finally hit me.. Writing this message however has really helped me finalize the decision in my brain. Some early-on tips (that are helping me!): -If you smoke with your coffee, stop both... drink tea or juice instead. I find it helps plus its good to stop both because i tell my body I'm really craving the caffeine. -TV and Studying helps when you get bored, do something that consumes a lot of time per sitting. -Pistachios, almonds, walnuts and/or small fruits like grapes... they are small and can be eaten slowly throughout the day, and keep your mouth occupied. After a few days, start exercising or walking and see how much better you feel and how much further you can go! If the craving gets really bad, just sit down and wait it out. -Avoid alcohol for a while... Pretend you're on a detox to a healthier life (you actually are!!) I can't wait to get back to a healthy active lifestyle and I wish you all the luck, determination and willpower in the world in your feat against smoking :)

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Page Last Updated: 24/09/2014