Darlene Morgan - Brandon, Manitoba

When I found out I had COPD I thought my life was over. I was wrong. If there’s one message I could put out there it would be – it’s NOT over. In fact, my new life has just begun. Quitting smoking has given me a whole new life to enjoy! It hasn’t been easy – quitting smoking, learning to manage my disease – but it’s been so worth it.

I ignored the early signs of COPD. I was coughing and short of breath, sick all the time. I thought it was because of stress. Then one day I found myself lying on the stairs in full respiratory failure. I couldn’t breathe. My 16-year-old daughter was beside me. I vowed two things on that day: One, never to smoke again. And two, to do something good with the situation I now find myself in. Life with COPD isn't always easy, but sharing my story is a way of helping me make a good situation out of a bad one.

I have truly made my COPD diagnosis a new beginning in my life. Two years ago I was on life support in hospital. Now I can enjoy a half-hour walk with my children, grandchildren and my dog. I feel better than I have in years. If you think you might have COPD, go see your doctor. Do it for you!”

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Page Last Updated: 25/09/2014