John Hodder

I finally stopped smoking about 12 years ago, after twice quitting for two (2) seven-year periods. When I smoked (3 packs daily), I didn’t think of the implications or effects on my cardio-vascular system and/or heart disease; nor was I aware of the effect upon others of my second-hand smoke.
About 10 years ago I participated in a Smoking Cessation Training program. While I can’t point a finger to a particular event, I can state that it was mainly due to the public repetition of information that I finally realized the health implications which finally propelled me into quitting. As a result of all of this, I have had bypass surgery and was recently diagnosed with COPD. Try not to let this happen to you.
I now volunteer my help in support of lung health programs. I am a non-smoker and current President of the NL Lung Association.


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Page Last Updated: 06/10/2014