Ken Wareham - St. John's, NFLD

Let me first say that my addiction has spanned about 42 years. And like most smokers I have tried quitting and been some what successful with cessation tools. The fact I kept starting again is why I say “somewhat successful? Patches, nicotine free cigarettes, pills, gum, inhalers and lozenges all worked for various lengths of time. But the fact remained I always went back to the evil little things. My head is finally around the fact I am an addict. It is all about the nicotine, nothing more nothing less. Every craving and desire I have for the little devils is just want for the nicotine. I realize that now and I can deal with it and can honestly say I don’t miss them. Situations such as other people smoking, social events, hunting, fishing and having a drink don’t bother me anymore. I have my life back with no more hidden desire or need to smoke

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Page Last Updated: 14/10/2014