William Storie - Abbotsford, BC

I am going on 64 years young this year and had smoked from age 12 till just over a year ago. I truly loved smoking and for the bigger majority of years only smoked Export A and never developed a cough or hack. I had tried many many times to quit and lasted days, weeks sometimes but always knew I would return to my friend, the Cigarette. I tried, cold turkey, pills, patches, gum and believed I failed so many times because I did not have a purpose. I was healthy, I never was sick, no flu, no cold, no nothing so I never took quitting really seriously, although I did want to quit as it now was more of a stigma so here is what I did and so far (touch wood) I have not touched a cigarette in 15 months.
I quit cold turkey, and I did it by having a goal. My goal started daily and I took the money I would spend on a package of cigarettes and buy something with it. In my case I love golf and also fly fishing, so each day I would take the $10 and buy something for fishing or golfing. After a full week of not smoking I set my goal higher and decided I could go a week and take approximately $70 and buy something bigger. After a number of weeks of this, I knew I could go bigger, so set my sights on new golf clubs. They were fairly expensive so at the end of each week I took the $70 dollars and put it in a jar so I could see it and I did this until I had enough to buy my clubs. From there I bought a new fly rod and reel amd some other fishing gear. I have never thought of saving the money I used for cigarettes, instead I use it for out door activities that will improve my health and I will continue to spend that money on activities that make me healthier. IN the end I found for me the goal thing worked and because I wanted things important to me it was easier as it took my mind off the cigarette and transferred it to an object I wanted to purchase. I am proud of what I have accomplished and do not see myself going back to smoking. In closing, no matter how many times you quit and restart, never give up as your time will come. One day at a time!


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Page Last Updated: 25/09/2014