Dr. Brandie Walker

Dr. Brandie Walker

University of Calgary
Clinician-Scientist Asthma Award

Finding how the common cold and smoking affect people with asthma

Dr Brandie Walker, a clinician-scientist, is researching the effects of the common cold and smoking on people with asthma. It’s estimated that 25 per cent of people with asthma smoke. “We know that those people are more likely to end up in the hospital and their flare-ups last longer. They are harder to treat and don’t respond well to inhalers.”

Her research will look at what happens at the cellular level in the airways when exposed to smoke. “What we’re hoping is that if we can discover what’s going on in the airways cells, then maybe we can find better treatments so these people don’t end up in the hospital.”

Dr. Walker was the first recipient of Clinician-Scientist Asthma Award, which provided her with $115,000 in funding from AllerGen NCE Inc., the Canadian Lung Association and the Canadian Thoracic Society.




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