Dr. Nooreen Mann

St. Joseph's Hospital
Recipient of the Ontario Lung Association-Intermune Canada Clinical Fellowship in Interstitial lung disease

Helping improve the quality of life for patients with interstitial lung disease

Dr. Nooreen Mann first became interested in pursuing a career in lung health because lung disease affected one of her parents. Her drive to pursue a medical career led her to follow a Post-Graduate degree at McMaster University where she worked with Dr. Gerard Cox, an internationally renowned respirologist. She continued her training as the first recipient of the $50,000 OLA-InterMune Clinical Fellowship in Interstitial Lung Disease. 

The fellowship is focused on providing specialized training to clinicians who provide care and treatment to patients with Interstitial Lung Disease. Interstitial lung disease describes a large group of disorders, most of which cause progressive scarring of lung tissue. The scarring associated with interstitial lung disease affects your ability to breathe.

“This fellowship opportunity and the funding that came with it has allowed me to immerse myself for an entire year in an area of respiratory disease which is not only interesting to me but which I think truly is in need in our community.” 

Dr. Mann has finished her fellowship and is now working at Trillium Health Partners in Mississauga.

Page Last Updated: 12/10/2016