Dr. Steven van Eeden

COPD Program Director at St Paul’s Hospital and Professor of Medicine at UBC and a research leader at the James Hogg iCapture Centre for Pulmonary and Cardiovascular Research
British Columbia Lung Association grant recipient

How air pollutants damage lung cells

Dr. van Eeden and his team are studying how air pollutants like cigarette smoke and particulate matter damage lung cells and how to reduce their impact.

It was Dr. van Eeden’s research team who first demonstrated that air pollution causes the development and progression of atherosclerosis – the underlying disease in vessels responsible for stroke and heart attacks – and gave Dr. van Eeden and his team international recognition. 

He is currently studying how lung inflammation induced by inhalation of ambient particulate matter causes vascular disease; research that could lead to new treatments and ways to prevent air pollution induced vascular disease.




Page Last Updated: 12/10/2016