Dr. Mark FitzGerald

Professor and Head, Respiratory Medicine, University of British Columbia
British Columbia Lung Association grant recipient

Helping to provide culturally appropriate materials to help new Canadians quit smoking

We plan to focus on developing quit smoking interventions among ethno-cultural communities in the Greater Vancouver Area. Using community-based participatory approaches, we will work with Chinese and Vietnamese communities to generate new knowledge about why members in these communities continue to smoke despite its clear link to lung and heart health problems. The purpose of this research is to develop ethnically and linguistically appropriate innovative interventions, with feedback from community and professional focus groups. 

This project was identified as a priority by our community partners. In our proposed interventions, we will develop culturally appropriate educational materials (e.g., video clips and pamphlets), applying behavioral modification strategies to promote quitting.  This work has the potential to improve knowledge about the possibility of conducting innovative approaches to communicate with ethno-cultural communities, in respect to smoking cessation.

Also, by involving health-care providers and community leaders, this intervention will have implications that could ensure that smoking cessation programs provided to the ethno-cultural communities in Canada address the real needs of these populations. 




Page Last Updated: 12/10/2016