Position Statement on Tobacco Endgame

Tobacco Endgame is a set of recommendations that would create a strong, effective federal tobacco control strategy, worthy of 21st century knowledge, research and resources. The overarching goal is to reduce tobacco use to less than 5 per cent by 2035.  Currently, 17 per cent of Canadians smoke, representing 5.2 million Canadians. While prevalence has declined in recent years rates have remained stagnant in certain vulnerable populations highlighting the need for a more focused approach. In some parts of Canada almost two-thirds of residents smoke.

Tobacco Endgame Cabinet comprises members of leading health charities and educational institutions, including The Lung Association, Canadian Cancer Society and Heart & Stroke, among many others. The comprehensive set of recommendations created by the Tobacco Endgame Cabinet speaks to health, education, prevention, cessation and financial recommendations.

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Page Last Updated: 23/02/2018