New nicotine restrictions a promising start towards nicotine-free generation

Ottawa,ON – With today’s federal government announcement regarding lowered nicotine maximums in vaping products, many Canadians can start to breathe easier.  Following concentrated efforts of the Canadian Lung Association and other like-minded health organizations, the government announced new draft regulations to limit the maximum nicotine concentration in vaping products in Canada.

Prior to these regulations the maximum nicotine concentration was three times that of other jurisdictions where a maximum of 20 mg/ml was already in place, such as the European Union. In Canada, provinces including British Columbia and Nova Scotia had also already set these restrictions in place.

“Today’s announcement takes us one step closer to a more breathable Canada for all and we applaud Minister Hajdu for this commitment,” says Terry Dean, President and CEO of the Canadian Lung Association.

“Lowering the maximum nicotine limit 20mg/ml is, quite honestly, a no brainer. It evens the patchwork of protection that existed on this issue.

“This move will ensure that all young people in Canada are protected from alarmingly high exposure to nicotine, which we know is a highly addictive drug.”

Vaping rates among Canadian youth have continued to climb over the past five years, sounding the alarm for immediate action.

“Tobacco remains the leading cause of disease and death in Canada. We must prevent a new generation from becoming addicted to nicotine-based products. The time for action is now,” Dean adds.

Vaping products are not harmless and have been associated with irreversible damage to lung health. It is critical that protections are put in place to prevent young people from potentially starting a lifelong addiction to nicotine.

While the new proposed restrictions will make a difference, it is critical that this is done in concert with other important restrictions that will further protect young people. This includes a comprehensive ban on flavours and the implementation of a vaping tax. We urge the government to implement these measures as soon as possible.

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Page Last Updated: 18/12/2020