Response: Quebec Lung Association Departure

After decades of fruitful collaboration,  Quebec Lung Association is leaving the Canadian Lung Association. The Canadian Lung Association is the leading national non-profit organization with a focus on lung health. With 120 years of exceptional experience, we are well-poised to continue delivering on our mission to Quebecers and Canadians everywhere going forward.

We want to assure all of our supporters, donors and volunteers that despite Quebec Lung Association’s withdrawal from the federation, our commitment to the lung health of Canadians – including Quebec residents – remains strong. 

We will continue to be the leading experts fighting for federal changes to vaping regulations and protecting our youth; ensuring that all Canadians have access to medication and care regardless of financial ability or location; ensuring that tobacco control remains a priority and air pollution control is addressed.

We will also continue to serve Quebec residents on issues that matter to them to make sure everyone can breathe with ease.

The Quebec Lung Association has been a valuable member and contributor to our successes in Quebec over the past decades and we wish them well in their new venture. They will continue their work under a new brand and name. During this amicable parting of ways, we will continue to collaborate with our colleagues in Quebec to make sure lung health of Quebecers is top of mind.

Terry Dean

President and CEO, The Canadian Lung Association

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Page Last Updated: 18/09/2020