Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases of the lung range in severity and type.

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Applicant Title Institution Province Amount Awarded
Leung, Janice Accelerated Aging and Oxidative Stress: Mechanisms of Lung Disease in HIV UBC Centre for Heart Lung Innovation British Columbia $50,000
Mulpuru, Sunita Impact of Respiratory Viruses in Canadian COPD Patients: A Multi-Centre Cohort Study The Ottawa Hospital Ontario $50,000
Mody, Chris Host Defense to Cryptococcus Gattii from Vancouver Island University of Calgary Alberta $30,000
Hirota, Jeremy Identification and functional characterization of a novel antiviral sensor relevant in chronic airway diseases – ATP Binding Cassette Transporter F1 UBC – Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute British Columbia $50,000
Robbins, Clinton Innate Response Activator B cells in Bacterial Lung Infection University of Toronto/ Toronto General Research Institute Ontario $50,000
Waters, Valerie The role of the lung microbiome in Pseudomonas eradication in CF The Hospital for Sick Children Ontario $10,000
Dorrington, Michael The roles of MARCO in macrophage-mediated clearance of Streptococcus pneumoniae colonization in the nasopharynx. McMaster University Ontario $42,000
Mubareka, Samira Characterization of influenza virus laden infectious bioaerosols Sunnybrook Research Institute Ontario $24,985
Lee, Warren Discovery of novel anti‐influenza drugs – a high‐throughput approach using zebrafish and mice St. Michael’s Hospital Ontario $47,131
Vliagoftis, Harissios (Co-Principle Investigator: Kane, Kevin) Mucosal vaccination against influenza: adjuvant activity of Proteinase-Activated Receptor-2 University of Alberta Alberta $30,000
Nikitenko, Sergei Cyclic stretch augments human rhinovirus induced neutrophil chemoattractant expression in airway epithelial cells University of Calgary Alberta $10,000
Vliagoftis, Harissios Influenza mucosal vaccination University of Alberta Alberta $30,000
Ng, Kurtis Cooperation of Human Mast Cells and Airway Epithelial Cells in Defense Against Influenza A Virus University of Alberta Alberta $11,500
Kronstad, James Emergence of Cryptococcus gattii in British Columbia: evaluation of the immune response during pulmonary infection University of British Columbia British Columbia $48,842
Parkins, Michael (Co-Principle Investigator: Storey, Douglas) Epidemiology, natural history, and virulence of Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains infecting individuals with non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis University of Calgary Alberta $30,000
Mody, Christopher Host Defense to Cryptococcus gattii from Vancouver Island Univeristy of Calgary Alberta $30,000
Terebiznik, Mauricio Molecular mediators of the binding of Legionella pneumophilia to lung epithelial cells. University of Toronto Ontario $100,000
Xiang, Richard Natural killer cell signalling in Cryptoccocus Killing University of Calgary Alberta $10,000
Jamieson, Kyla The innate immune response of human airway epithelial cells to both simultaneous and staggered bacterial and viral infections. University of Calgary Alberta $11,500
Griffiths, Cameron Interactions between the respiratory syncytial virus fusion protein and cell surface nucleolin during viral entry. University of Alberta Alberta $11,500
Jenne, Craig Role of intravacular thrombin on platelet activation and lung inflammation during Influenza A virus infection University of Calgary Alberta $30,000
Mody, Christopher Immunity to Cryptococcus gattii on Vancouver Island University of Calgary Alberta $30,000
Griffiths, Cameron Interactions between Respiratory Syncytial Virus and Cell Surface Nucleolin during Viral Entry University of Alberta Alberta $10,417
Batt, Jane Genomic Epidemiology of M. Abscessus in Pulmonary Disease St.Michael's Hospital Ontario $44,450
Katapally, Tarun CO-Away: A Rapid Response Digital Tool to Tackle COVID-19 Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy - University of Regina, Saskatchewan $150,000