Pneumonia is a common lung infection caused by bacteria, a virus or fungi.  Understanding the cause of pneumonia is important because pneumonia treatment depends on its cause

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Applicant Title Institution Province Amount Awarded
Bowdish, Dawn Age-associated pneumonia results from impaired immune control of nasopharyngeal carriage McMaster University Ontario $50,000
Corrales-Medina, Vicente An Investigation of the Left Ventricular Afterload During Acute Pneumonia in the Elderly The Ottawa Hospital/ The University of Ottawa Ontario $50,000
Verschoor, Chris Cellular mechanisms and predictive factors of Streptococcus pneumoniae responses in the nursing home elderly McMaster University Ontario $90,000
Surette, Michael Host-pathogen Strain Specificity as Determinant in Complicated Pneumonia and Pleural Empyema McMaster University Ontario $49,500
Kim, Jong Sung Investigating the Role of Metal Nanoparticles in Invasive Pneumococcal Disease Dalhousie University Nova Scotia $25,000
Ask, Kjetil IRE1 mediated XBP1 splicing is required for Fibroblast Differentiation and Macrophage Polarization McMaster University Ontario $49,500
Shah, Suharsh Molecular mechanisms of anti-inflammitory glucocorticoid action and resistance/insensitivity University of Calgary Alberta $10,000
Bowdish, Dawn The aging microbiome as a risk factor for developing pneumococcal pneumonia in mid- to late-life McMaster University Ontario $48,023
Mody,Christopher Pathogenesis of Fungal Infections in the Lung University of Calgary Alberta $30,000
Mody,Christopher Pathogenesis of Fungal Infections in the Lung University of Calgary Alberta $30,000
Maciejewski, Barbara The effects of human rhinovirus and bacterial infection on the induction of CCL20 in human bronchial epithelial cells University of Calgary Alberta $11,500
Dale, Craig A multi-centered stepped wedge cluster randomized controlled trial (RCT) of the de-adoption of oral chlorhexidine prophylaxis and implementation of an oral care bundle for ventilated critically ill patients (The CHORAL Study) University of Toronto Ontario $20,000
Granton, Elise Planktonic and biofilm forming Pseudomonas aeruginosa elicits differential and sex specific neutrophilic responses during pulmonary infection. University of Calgary Alberta $12,500
Heit, Bryan Bacterial Modulation of Alveolar Macrophage Efferocytosis During Pneumonia. The University of Western Ontario Ontario $49,550