Lung health research matters because patients matter and people matter. And everyone deserves to breathe normally.

Dr. Grace Parraga

Researcher and professor


Research matters because everyone should be able to breathe. Whether it’s a chronic disease that takes your breath away, an allergy or a cold, we all know what it is like to struggle to breathe. Breathing is something we all do 22,000 times each day and it is something that we all deserve to do with ease. Despite its vitality and importance, lung health research is still grossly underfunded in Canada. 

Yet, Canada has some of the most brilliant researchers who work tirelessly to create a future where everyone can breathe with ease. Research matters because there are still babies being born who need a lung transplant and stem cell research could change that. Research matters because there are Canadians who don’t receive proper diagnosis of their conditions. Research matters because many chronic respiratory diseases still don’t have a cure. Research matters because quality years are lost because of lung disease. The contributions that Canadians like you give to The Lung Association help our researchers make the difference between gasping for air and breathing.

In the past five years, your donor dollars have allowed us to fund 300 projects, each of which strive to create breathing breakthroughs and, ultimately, help Canadians breathe better.

This National Research Report tells a story of lives changed through inspiration and passion. It tells a story of breathtaking research that gives breath back into the lungs of Canadians.

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